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Our district publishes all public notices in the local paper and here on the site. Other general announcements may be posted on the website and our community bulletin board, as appropriate.

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Tenmile Rural Fire District Responds Swiftly to Vehicle Fire on Upper Ollala Road

Tenmile, Oregon – April 5, 2024

In the early hours of April 2nd, the Tenmile Rural Fire District sprang into action when a distress call alerted them to a vehicle fire in the 9000 block of Upper Ollala Road. The incident occurred at approximately 0115 hours.

Firefighters with a hose amidst smoke, potentially responding to an emergency. The image is rotated 90 degrees to the right.

Incident Details:

A burned car with smoke and a firefighter in the background.
  • Location: 9000 block of Upper Ollala Road, Tenmile, Oregon.
  • Time of Dispatch: 0115 hours.
  • Response Time: Crews arrived on the scene  in approx 15 minutes from dispatch.
  • Fire Suppression: The dedicated firefighters of the Tenmile Rural Fire District swiftly extinguished the flames, preventing further damage.
  • Minimal Wildland Spread: Thanks to their rapid intervention, the fire was contained with minimal spread to the surrounding wildland fuels.
  • Suspicious Nature: Authorities have classified the fire as suspicious and are actively investigating the cause. Tenmile Fire District has turned the incident over to DCSO.

The Tenmile Rural Fire District remains committed to protecting lives, property, and the environment. 

If you have any information related to this incident, please contact the Tenmile Rural Fire District at (541) 679 1882. For emergencies, always dial 911.