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Vehicle or Structure Donation

Welcome to the Tenmile Fire District’s donation page! Your generosity can make a significant impact on our ability to serve and protect our community. Here’s why we need your help:

A house under construction with orange "D" spray-painted on it, construction materials scattered, and firetruck lights visible.
  1.  Structures for Live Fire Training:
    • Purpose: Our firefighters need realistic training scenarios to hone their skills. By donating structures, you contribute to creating controlled environments where they can practice firefighting techniques, search and rescue operations, and ventilation procedures.
    • Benefits:
      • Realism: Structures allow us to simulate actual fire incidents, preparing our firefighters for the challenges they’ll face in the field.
      • Safety: Controlled training environments minimize risks while providing valuable experience.
      • Efficiency: Regular training improves response times and overall effectiveness during emergencies.


Firefighters training on vehicle extrication with tools and a flipped car.
  1.  Vehicles for Extrication:
    • Purpose: Vehicle extrication is a critical skill for our firefighters. Donated vehicles serve as training props for practicing extrication techniques during accidents.
    • Benefits:
      • Skill Development: Firefighters learn how to safely remove trapped individuals from wrecked vehicles.
      • Teamwork: Vehicle extrication involves coordination among responders, enhancing teamwork skills.
      • Community Safety: Well-trained firefighters can efficiently handle real-life extrication scenarios, saving lives.



How to Donate:

  • Fill out the form below if you have a vehicle or structure your interested in donating. You can also call 541-679-1882 ext.3 or stop by the station. Your support directly impacts our ability to serve and protect Tenmile and its residents. Thank you for being part of our mission! 🚒🔥
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