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Is annexation right for you?

Learn more about annexation, so you are equipped to make the right decision for your household and neighborhood.

The Tenmile Rural Fire District has served the Tenmile area since 1962 and has been an established fire district since the early 1980's, but there are still some neighborhoods and homes that are not eligible receive emergency fire and medical services. Are you living in one of them? If so, annexation might be right for you.



​Simply put, annexation is the process in which you’re brought into the Tenmile Rural Fire District, so you can receive guaranteed emergency fire and medical service response without incurring a large bill after the service has been provided.
​Annexation is a method by which a special taxing district extends and increases its district boundaries. The process is closely governed by Oregon State Law.



Financial Savings
Some people worry about adding to their tax burden when annexing into the Tenmiley Fire District. Although you will incur a slight increase in taxes, we have one of the lower tax rates in Oregon. You will also save money in other places including:

  • The opportunity to achieve lower premiums on your property insurance. Having fire protection from a fire district can dramatically decrease your homeowner’s & fire insurance premiums.
  • No FEES for services or fire department response. A typical structural fire response and extinguishment can take several hours, equating to a very high fee..
  • Increased likelihood of selling your home or land. The housing market is difficult enough. Adding in the fact that your property isn’t located in a fire district will only add to the challenge of selling quickly.                                                                                                                                                                   

Protection Services
Our goal is to make it so you never have to use our emergency fire services.
When you live in our district, you’ll get access to preventative services including smoke alarm checks, fire safety and prevention classes, CPR instruction, wildfire home assessments, etc. We’ll also install smoke detectors and change batteries to keep your home as safe as possible.
Fast Response Times
In a fire or medical emergency, every second counts.
Protecting the safety of your family is what we do 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. If you live outside of the district or on unprotected property, timely responses cannot be guaranteed. 
Equity In and Stability From Your Emergency Services
When it comes to your protection, Tenmile Rural Fire District is able to provide stability and equity in your fire and emergency medical services – but that’s only guaranteed if you live in an annexed area. We cannot continue to guarantee responses to unannexed homes. If you’d like to guarantee a response to your home or neighborhood, have your say in who serves on the Tenmile Fire District board (or if you’d like to run for a position on your board yourself), and make your voice heard about fire district decisions, you must live within the district.
There is a specific procedure you must follow in order to be annexed into the district. This enables each property owner within the area to have a fair say in the annexation. We can help make this process as easy as possible for you.

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