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Our Administrative personnel are dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers in a reliable, professional, and fiscally responsible manner. We are not merely firefighters; we are community guardians.

Human Capital:

Leadership: Our full-time Fire Chief/Paramedic, funded through a local option tax levy, steers our ship with unwavering dedication.

Recruitment and Retention: A full-time Captain/EMT, supported by a SAFER grant, ensures our ranks remain robust and committed.

Training Excellence: Our part-time Engineer/EMT wears dual hats—training officer and technical expert.

Administrative Support: A diligent part-time administrative assistant keeps our gears turning.

Volunteer Force: Nine dedicated firefighters/EMRs, fueled by passion, form the backbone of our response team.

Maintenance Oversight: An officer oversees our district’s upkeep, ensuring our fleet remains battle-ready.

Fleet and Preparedness:


Our fleet boasts: - Two engines - Two brush trucks - Two tenders - One rescue vehicle - One command vehicle -One support vehicle

Training: Our training program pulses with vitality, equipping our responders to face any scenario head-on.

Conclusion: In the quietude of our rural landscape, we stand vigilant.

The Tenmile Rural Fire District—a beacon of courage, compassion, and community. We pledge to honor our past, safeguard our present, and forge a resilient future.