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District places New Self Contained Breathing Apparatus in Service


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New SCBA Bottles being inventoried after delivery.

About 1 year after the announcement that Tenmile RFD would be awarded funds after a competitive grant process and following an extensive review and selection process, "we our happy to announce that we have received new SCBA respirators for our department personnel." The operational effectiveness of these new air packs is substantial. Having air packs that are up to date with current standards, along with the unbelievable technological advancements they provide is a marked increase to the safety of our personnel.


Inside of a fire truck, tools, equipment
New SCBA bottles in Engine Compartment

SCBA stands for self contained breathing apparatus. Meaning they contain and provide the breathable air needed by firefighters in any atmosphere that is immediately dangerous to life or health such as a smoke filled structure on fire. They were placed in service just in time to put them to work in a weekend long burn-to-learn in an acquired structure in the beginning of November. They were acquired with the assistance of a FEMA assistance to firefighters 90/10 grant and will replace old packs that are three standard cycles behind and expired air bottles. These new packs have a useable bottle life of 15 years and with care, packs that will hopefully last even longer. The FEMA/DHS AFG grant was written by the Fire Chief in 2019.