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Olalla Station and Apparatus

The Upper Olalla Sub-station is located on Upper Olalla Rd. An Engine, brush truck, and a water tender are housed in the station with four volunteers (Company 3) who live nearby operating from this station. Having this substation allows for quick response to this distant area of the fire district, which includes Byron Creek Estates. These volunteers often respond to calls in other areas of the district and surrounding areas as well.

May contain: garage
May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck

2031 is a reserve structural/wildland pumping apparatus. Classified as type IV due to its seating limitation of only two people, however it has pump and tank capacity of a type 1 structural engine. It is housed in Olalla and serves as our primary pumper for structure fires in that area and as reserve engine in all other areas of the district. Its short wheelbase and 4x4 capabilities make it suitable for use in certain wildland fire situations. Carries much of the same equipment as 2030 but to a lesser extent. It also houses a porta tank for use with the Olalla tender and a trash pump.



May contain: truck, transportation, and vehicle

2081 is brush rig housed at Olalla station. It is the 1st out vehicle for reports of brush/grass fires within the district and medical aids in the Olalla area. It is equipped for wildland fire suppression with a water tank, pump, and medium/small diameter hose. It also houses wildland hand tools, power saws, and SCBA’s.




May contain: truck, vehicle, and transportation


2061 is the districts secondary reserve Type 1 Tender. It serves as the Olalla area first out mobile water source and responds from Olalla as a backup water source to many other fires throughout the district when personnel are available. It has PTO driven pump capabilities and is equipped with hose and drafting equipment, along with a limited supply of tools.