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Duty Program


To ensure that there is always a Fire Officer available in the district and able to respond to any and all emergency and service calls for the district. Within the hours of 4pm and 7am. This will also aid in decreasing total response times and minimizing the response of all apparatus/personnel to non-emergent and false alarms.


In January 2020, the district implemented a fire officer duty program. Each fire officer is a participant in this program. A senior firefighter may voluntarily participate in the program to help ensure daily coverage.

May contain: truck, transportation, and vehicle

Based on a monthly schedule, Officers at the rank of Lieutenant or higher will perform their scheduled shifts. They will pick up the duty vehicle (2092) and take it home. They will respond to all calls or service requests that occur during their shift, and act as the District representative who can be contacted by dispatch and citizens questions.  Currently, we are not able to have a duty officer scheduled every day of each month. The hope is that we will gradually develop the  program into 365 days a year duty officer coverage.

Officers of the district are the individuals who act as personnel supervisors, they are the leaders of the district firefighters, and also consist of the Chief administrative officers. These are highly trained and experienced members of the department. They have obtained the highest levels of training the district provides in most disciplines, and possess leadership qualities. They are the Lieutenants, Captains, and Chiefs of the district. Not only do these men and women meet or exceed their normal volunteer requirements, but they also perform 3-4 days a month on-duty to provide this extra level of service to the community.

On duty Officer phone # coming soon!